Linda Formichelli
“Whether it's retail tech or field service management, Angie is a real pro at turning industry-specific information into reader-friendly content for laypeople. I can throw a project at her from a (complex) industry she's never written for before, and she immediately grasps the topic and turns out on-point content.”

Christina Singh – Content Marketing Manager at Convey
I cannot recommend Angie enough. I hired her to do a pretty complex eBook for my team on a tight turnaround and with little direction, and she immediately understood what to do. The result was an incredible eBook fitting our company's exact tone and style that needed few edits or changes. She produces amazing work!

Melissa Simmerman – Director, Creative Strategy at Kreber
“Angie has been a huge help to our internal marketing team at Kreber. After about 5 minutes of initial conversation, she understood what we were trying to do, our agency POV on even the most nuanced and intricate marketing scenarios, and our evolving tone of voice. We can count on her to do the research, write and edit until the work is perfect, and hit aggressive deadlines. Angie is reliable, quick, steady and professional, and I am so glad to have her in our corner.”

Donna Vieira
“From the start it was clear that Angie not only understood our needs, but was invested in the project, something not often seen with freelance writers. What was provided to her was a project that was not easy, but she eagerly took it and produced a flawless piece that we didn’t need to make a single edit to; something unheard of for us in the past. We are looking forward to our continued relationship with Angie!”

Courtney Tobe
“Angie is so great to work with! She is so versatile in her writing and can easily pick up on any topic that you give her.  Angie has helped me with everything from white papers to direct mail copy to blog posts and she has an amazing ability to change the tone and delivery of her writing to reflect the genre.  She can also turn a project around very quickly and always meets her deadlines.  I look forward to working with Angie on many more projects moving forward.”

Aubree Munar
“Angie is a fantastic writer who's proactive, consistent, and always willing to go the extra mile. She's also able to pitch well-researched, industry-specific ideas, and make adjustments as needed. Overall, Angie is a delight to work with.”

Augusta Wester
“Angie Mansfield is a pro! With attention to detail and a knack for style, Angie delivers quality content on deadline, time and time again. She is a valuable member of our editorial team and working with Angie is inevitably a joyful part of my day.”

Abigail Philips
“Angie, I received the piece, and it is now with my design team. Thank you so much for your help, and what a fabulous article! I hope we can work together again in the future.”