Delivery Experience Management Writer

You know it’s true, your customers know it’s true, and their customers (end consumers) definitely know it’s true: the final delivery experience defines how consumers view a brand. Get that delivery experience right, and those customers will remember all the good things about their purchase.

Get it wrong, and they’re unlikely to ever buy from that brand again.

The challenge for many brands is that they’re still working with fragmented systems and inefficient management of third-party carrier networks. With multiple carriers using their own different processes and communication systems, some companies have to resort to spreadsheets and email to keep track of orders they ship. All of that makes it difficult to maintain visibility, reduce WISMO calls, and answer customer questions efficiently.

Your delivery management platform could solve those challenges – if you can get their attention and help them make a strong business case for a software investment.

In order to do that, you have to produce a mountain of content to educate and enlighten your prospects. Blog posts, case studies, white papers, landing pages – it’s never-ending.

I can take some of that pressure off. Let me help you position your logistics and delivery SaaS solution to be a no-brainer to the companies who really need it.

Check out my portfolio to see what I can do, or just hit the button below to chat with me about your goals and challenges.